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SnapLogger is a visual time tracking tool. It takes screenshots of your computer at regular
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29 June 2007

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Computer programs and games have generated many enthusiasts who majorly devote their time onto the machine and lose track of time. Often it is said that time is money and it hints to the fact that very few are actually able to manage their time wisely. Moreover, at times people do not realize the time taken for a particular activity or project and devote more time than required. Now, the question is how we track time, when we even forget to see the ticking clock. One application that can help us in managing time is the remarkable SnapLogger 1.0; that enables the user to monitor his activities with the help of timely screenshots of the computer and keep a record of all that is done on the PC throughout the day.

The SnapLogger 1.0 has a simple and neatly arranged interface has the options placed for easy routing with the choice of capturing screenshots of only those times as the user desires and defines. This computer logging software stays unobtrusively on the computer system tray and takes screenshots of the computer in short intervals. The idea behind is not to keep a spy on the user computer but a time tracking device that will help the user manage his time better, while having full control over the software working. Further, the user can keep track of time taken on a particular project for own reference and time management, and besides taking up some space on the computer disk to save the snapshots taken. The software also provides password protection for privacy of the user activity.

To conclude, we can safely state that SnapLogger 1.0 has its own unique facet of time recording and helps the user in better management and hence gets a score rating of 4.5 points for its stellar performance and flexible application.

Publisher's description

Uconomix SnapLogger is a computer activity logging application. It runs in your system tray and periodically takes screenshots of your computer.
The purpose of this program is NOT to spy on you but to help you keep a visual track of your time. You have complete control over what the program records.
What’s the use of this? Well at the end of the day you can see what you have been doing the whole day and where exactly you spent your time. This comes in handy when you are filling up a timesheet or a day log.
If your work depends on billing your clients on the basis of the time you’ve spent working on their project or you have to fill up a timesheet for your employer stating what you did the whole day then SnapLogger is just for you. You no longer have to scratch your head wondering how long you worked on a specific task. You can play back your day’s activities just like a movie and see what you were doing at a specific moment.
You can control what the program can and can not record. You can tell SnapLogger not to take screenshots when you are playing solitaire, watching a video or chatting on your favorite instant messenger. Or you can tell it to take screenshots ONLY when you are working on a specific application like Photoshop or MS Excel.
SnapLogger will not intrude on the normal working of your computer at all. All it will take up is some space on your disk to store the snapshots. You can configure the frequency to take the screenshots and tell it not to take them when your PC is lying idle. You can even protect the screenshots with a password so that no one else can see what you’ve been doing the whole day on your computer.
Fill up a timesheet, bill your clients, play back your day like a movie, log you time visually with Uconomix SnapLogger!
Version 1.0
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